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If you would like paid consult with Antony or one of the other Health/Fitness/Wellness Professionals, please indicate that on the form.

Thank you for helping #ThediastasisProject

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Contributing to #TheDiastasisProject is gratefully appreciated.

#TheDiastasisProject runs on donations of time, content, and funds.

We would love to have you join us!

This project is donation-based so we are seeking help from people in a volunteer capacity to assist with producing, maintaining and updating #TheDiastasisProject content.

if you are interesting in assisting in any of the following ways, please fill in the form below and indicate you want to contribute in some way.

  • The development of the Mission Statement for #TheDiastasisProject
  • Content: Topics to be discussed or addressed / questions to be answered / myths to be busted
  • Sales and Marketing – Write copy for the website / sections / social media etc to help #TheDiastasisProject
  • Sales and Marketing – Have Antony Lo, Kerri Grace, and/or other participants/contributors on your social media platform / Podcast / You Tube Channel to help raise awareness and spread the message of #TheDiastasisProject
  • Framework: Thinking points/content
  • Framework: Knowledge points/content
  • Framework: Assessment points/content
  • Framework: Management/content
  • Resources: How to videos (Thinking, Knowledge, Assessment)
  • Resources: Management – Exercise videos/demos
  • Resources: Management – Breathing
  • Resources: Management – Posture
  • Resources: Management – Wraps/Supports
  • Resources: Management – Mindset/Self-care
  • Resources: Research Lists
  • Resources: Blog Posts/Social media accounts to follow
  • Video Production – Check Subtitles
  • Video Production – Translate Into Another Language For Subtitles
  • Video Production – Add Intro / Outro / Subtitles
  • Other

#TheDiastasisProject is run by volunteers and the contents within are donated. All funds donated will be used to support the Project financially.

Please contact Antony Lo if you have any questions about the use of your funds for #TheDiastasisProject.

Donations are taken through PayPay – you can click the button below or scan the QR Code via your phone. Thank you!

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